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                                                                                                                    The Ryan Family


This past October, I had the pleasure of walking Matt & Erika's gorgeous property to chase around their kiddos as they played (and sometimes squabbled).  The property surrounding the home is nothing short of an oasis!  And the house itself dates back to the early 1800's, and has a story rich in history and character all on its own.  I'd fancy an indoor session when the time comes!!

Every photographer has their strength(s), mine being a keen awareness to a light source, and how it illuminates my subjects.  Also, being able to connect one-on-one with a subject.  I strive to capture the spirit of the moment, which is why I am such a lover of "letting kids be."  Please enjoy this collection of B&W images of this adorable, fun-loving family!!






Meet little brother, Ash


And big sister, Maddi



Giving the love...



...and some more!






HA!  Ash was pushing Maddi (in another frame), which proved to be VERY upsetting to her!  I always love me a good crying moment!  



Love this moment!









Gah... no words!!  30x40 canvas, maybe?



This is a legit swing set... large enough for adults to enjoy, too!






Antoher great stolen moment!  









Ash in the trees... with some great shadows and highlights!






"Ash the Bash," as they call him.



Just taking a little stroll.  You coming with?



Seriously, though!  This image of Maddi really says it all!  Strong willed, sassy, and full of conviction!  












I call them "goosies" (when one gets all tingly with goose bumps).  This moment definitely gives me goosies!  Just beautiful!!!



Twinning much?



Before the beautiful babes, they were just a couple in love!  I always make sure to grab some stills of the couple (sans children).






Good looking couple, right here!  Love this family!!


The End

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Senior 2018 :: Sophia & Isabella http://eyeswideshutterphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/10/senior-2018-sophia-isabella

                                                                                        Meet Graduating Twins Isabella & Sophia 


The last time I photographed twins was back in the Summer of 2011 of my nephews.  But they did not have a combined session like these girls!  It was so inspiring to be able to document such a close sisterhood!  


I will begin this entry by a quote that I love:  "If you want to know what someone fears losing, watch what they photograph." ~Author Unknown

Through the years, my reasoning behind my photography has evolved.  I am drawn toward life, love and fluidity in an image.  And that's why you'll see not just a "static portrait," but actual movement.  And as powerful as eye contact can be in an image, I am really beginning to love the nuances of each individual, especially in the absence of their eye contact.  

Laughter, a downward glance, a pensive stare.  Each image I make is a representation of my connection with each subject, as well as a little piece of myself.  Life and love are central themes in my imagery, and boy, did these girls bring it!  Whether the introvert or the extrovert, I think I was able to capture the life, light and love that resides in these two girls' hearts!  And perhaps that is a fear of mine, to continue forward in my own life without love, without movement (of body and spirit).   

I saved the best image for last... see for yourselves!  

Blaze your own trails, Bella & Soph!  xoxo   






































































































Saving the best for last.  One of my favorite photos of the day!  

The End

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Senior 2018 :: Reagan http://eyeswideshutterphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/10/senior-2018-reagan

     Senior 2018 Reagan



I've been waiting for quite some time to photograph this beauty!  Her mother is my "hair person"  (thank you, Lori, for understanding this crazy mess of hair of mine)!!  I've watched Reagan grow through the years since she was a little girl.

Reagan is a very well-put together young female.  A straight-A student, stellar athlete, compassion toward children, and a stunning beauty both inward and outward.  But those dark, dark eyes though!  Blackest irises that will draw you in!

Spent an evening chasing the sun in downtown Saratoga -- the streets never disappoint!  Her collection of images are so diverse and fun (lots of movement, and even some artsy ones that make my heart go pitter-patter)!  

She is bound for greatness, and I can't wait to hear more of Reagan's successes in the future (while sitting in her Mom's chair, of course).

Keep blazin' that trail, Reagan!  xoxo 





















































































The End

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Senior 2018 :: Alexa http://eyeswideshutterphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/9/senior-2018-alexa

                                                                                                                   Alexa at SPAC


I love this area near the SPAC ticket booth entry.  It's a space that lends itself to many different options, from the rushing waters to the treelined park to the geysers.  Lighting is always spot on, too!  Alexa chose well with this location, and it complimented her personality perfectly!

Alexa possesses this inner radiance, with an "older soul" to compliment her beauty.  She is a bit bohemian and unpretentious (just the way I like teenage girls), and I was lucky enough to spend a couple of hours with her making some pretty great images!  Barefoot, flowers and twirls... she rocked it!

Enjoy your senior year, Alexa!







































































The End

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Paul & Ashley :: Married http://eyeswideshutterphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/8/paul-ashley-married

                                                                     Paul & Ashley's Country Rustic Wedding at Grist Mill

Another wedding come to fruition by the hands and creativity of a bride!  And what a vision she had!  "Country - Rustic" feel with all of the details (great and small) created by her and her family & friends.  Each wooden heart on the scented satchels were monogrammed, by hand, by Ashley.  Her uncle provided the slabs of wood that each center piece sat on, as well as the rustic cupcake tier.  A girlfriend sewed each napkin bandana, and her sister-in-law had most of the empty wine bottles that were, then, adorned with burlap and twine.

 I had never been to the Grist Mill, and what a hidden gem of a venue!  It truly is a photographer's dream (and any bride and groom looking for that "backyard" feel)!  With the old Grist Mill, the barns and outbuildings, the Mill Ponds, and the fields, it really is a magical outdoor oasis.  

Ashley is my husband's cousin (my cousin-in-law), and I was honored to capture the day!  From the venue, to the gorgeous weather, to all of the details, this truly was a labor-of-love wedding!  

Some fun facts:  Paul and Ashley met on my birthday 7 years ago.  Ashley has some personal connections to the Grist Mill (as that is where her grandfather used to work when it was an operating mill). 

I wish them both nothing but love and laughter as their love story continues to unfold!


Venue:  Grist Mill

Dress Shoppe:  Jocelynn's Bridal

Catering & Cake:  Edward's Market

Bride's Cowgirl Boots:  Country Outfitter

Fresh Cut Flowers:  Price Chopper

Centerpiece Flowers:  Wild

Fabric for Napkins & Scented Satchels:  Walmart & Amazon

Centerpiece Wooden Slabs & Cupcake Tier:  Family Uncle

Monogrammed Hearts:  Carved by Bride

Mug Drink Ware:  Christmas Tree Shop (with chalkboard labels from Amazon

































































































































































































































The End


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Ian & Ria :: Married http://eyeswideshutterphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/8/ian

                                                                                                                                         Ian & Ria's Quaint Vows at Misty Bleu Farm


I love garden weddings!  They are my favorite type of ceremony to photograph, as they are not fussy or grandiose!  I also find myself having more creative freedom when I'm part of such an intimate affair.  And let's just talk about the setting for a moment!  Gahh!  A little hidden clearing amongst a grove of trees, with a babbling brook and wild phlox!  Seriously, I'm having a small love affair with this venue, with these images, and pretty much everything and everyone involved from this day.  

This was a DIY wedding -- the brainchild of Ian's mother, Kelley!  What an extraordinary vision come to life!  There's a ton of vendor love, in case you are crushin' on this collection as much as I am.

To the bride and groom -- much love and happiness to you both as your Ever After continues to unfold!


Venue:  Misty Bleu Farm at RS Taylor & Sons Brewery  (Kelley is the wife of "RS" Rich, and Ian is one part of the "Sons")

Craft Beer:  RS Taylor & Sons Brewery

Menu:  A collaborative effort between Kelley's rockin' kitchen skills and Hattie's Restaurant 

Cake:  Gina-Marie's Cake Boutique

Live Music:  Fiddle Witch

Dress:  Danielle's Bridal

Fresh Cut Flowers:  Kukka Flowers (all centerpieces and bouquets created by Kelley & Family)

Invitations:  All That Glitters 

Decor:  Etsy (including burlap, confetti, fabric garlands, vases)











































































































































































































































































































































On this June 3rd, 2017 night, another planet in our solar system was visible in the night sky.  That "bright star" beneath the moon is, in fact, Jupiter!


The End


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Senior 2018 :: Madison http://eyeswideshutterphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/8/senior-2018-madison

                                                                               Senior 2018 :: Madison




What do you get when you have one free-spirited girl + a beautiful summer camp setting + gorgeous summer lighting?  This collection of images!  

I realize this is a very pivotal time in a teenager's life, with so many changes on the horizon.  I love documenting this space of time, capturing who they are at this very moment in their lives.  I am ever mindful when I mix my color/lighting knowledge with my own intuition -- creating pure magic!  Because no Senior should walk away from their photo session and have mixed feelings over the end result.  

Madison was so amazing to work with, and I am beyond thankful my name was passed along to her family!  These out-of-town seniors are rockin' it this season!

Enjoy your senior year, Madison!






Upon first arrival, you're greeted with the charm of a tree-lined dirt road.  This must bring such nostalgia to all the families that visit this gem of a camp year after year.  



When I have a vision, it's funny how I arrive at the finished image.  "It's going to be like leaning over to tie your shoes," I told her.  Wind blew through, she made eye contact with lens and Voila!  



More dreamy, soft lighting on the (left).  One of my favorite expressions of her laughing at her father on the (right).



Gah!  LOVE!






There's something about the expression on the (left).  Draws you in!





















I am a lover of water -- how it ebbs and flows!  Took full advantage of some creative opportunities!  



Soft tones.  Reminiscent of Claude Monet and his waterlilies.






I sometimes have the propensity of making a sixteen or 17-year-old look much older.  These two images are perfectly youthful and adorable!  



She's been paddle boarding for years at this camp!  I love how these images are so unique and personal to her.  Nothing beats doing life and having epic memories to show for it!






That's the toe-point of a dancer (or gymnast), right there!


The End

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Senior 2018 :: Collin http://eyeswideshutterphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/6/senior-2018-colin

                                                                                     Senior 2018 :: Collin

I have known this up-and-coming graduating senior for quite some time!  His Mom has been hiring me to document her children for years (including a young 8yr old Colin).  He's all grown up... and it was neat to work with him.  I haven't seen him in a few years since he lives downstate with his father.  

I like my male seniors to "guy it out."  I encourage the brooding stare, the crinkled brow, and the "come at me, brahh" face.  Of course I also threw in some smiles, because what parent doesn't want to see their child smile?!  I also captured some unscripted moments that might be my favorite!  


Congratulations, Collin!  Thanks for rockin' it out with me!!  :)



Take note of this location.  In the background are some barrels.  You'll see them again at the end of the blog, as we revisit this location as the sun is setting.



Nice serious stare!









Just a nice all-around image.






Who knows what we were laughing about!  Telling jokes is my M.O., that's just how I roll with seniors!!  












One of my favorites!  A stolen moment....



But he looked when he was ready (just as I had asked him to do).






This was just fun, with all of the different colors and textures.












This is what happens when I give a senior free reign to pose himself lol !!!  I was much more interested in the sun flare happening to the right.



This is why I am a chaser of light!  This whole scene changed from first image to last.  Collin's pretty boss standing there like that!!  Yeah, I pretty much told him to do that! 



The End






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Welcome To The World, Levi! http://eyeswideshutterphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/6/welcome-to-the-world-levi

Well, hello there, Levi!  You look a little unsure, but let me tell you, your parents are The. Coolest. People.  Like, ever!  So just run with it, little one.  There is an overabundance of love and laughter in store for you.  And I will always be happy to tell your story, now and again, through my imagery!



A couple of months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting this little fella!  At 15 days old, I could see the fingers and toes of his Daddy, and the light in his eyes like his Mommy!  He was a good little babe, and we listened to some pretty cool tunes throughout the 2hrs I got to hang (ahem, photograph) the family.  He was rocking some pretty cool onesies during his session, too!

Scroll on to see a "day-in-the-life" with Paul, Lauren and Levi <3  




























During Paul & Lauren's pregnancy session, the fur babies were featured throughout the blog.  This is Hazel.  (She is a bit unsure of the human addition).



Rockin' the Daddy duties... nook at the ready while holding the babes!



"Hi !  I am pretty darn cute, aren't I ?"






And here is Kobey!  He's pretty much in curiosity with and and in love with Levi.



















"What is this black contraption?  A camera, you say?!  Perhaps I shall turn toward the shutter sound and show you my handsome face!"



Hazel still a bit timid...



Such a beautiful Mama!!









And the 'Coolest Bed Sheets' award goes to... Levi!






Baby sneezes... gotta love 'em!


















This image was sort of a happy accident.  There are images similar to this of Lauren & Levi (see below), but this Kobey & Levi image is ranking right up there!




















































































Levi's bitty fingers curled around Paul's.... I just can't get enough!  















Last time Paul stood like this, he was holding a stuffed bunny!  Now he's holding the "real deal."  <3












"Hand-horns," rock concert style (with a little help from Daddy)!  NIRVANA ONESIE!!  <3



Nirvana Fan = Angsty Teen Face?  Check!  But that second expression of Levi's?  Classic!!!



"Well, hello again!  I'm rockin' the Spidey onesie because, after all, my middle name IS Parker.  Coincidence?  You decide..."



Peace Out!

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Paul & Lauren Are Expecting! http://eyeswideshutterphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/3/paul-lauren-are-expecting

                                                                                                                                                        Baby Love


These two are such darlings!  No, really!  I've had the pleasure of working with them, and for them, for quite some time.  Rewind to the year 2007, at Ruby Tuesday's in the Wilton Mall.  That's truly where it all began.  And it's also where their own love story began as well!  Lauren was a hostess, Paul was a line cook and I was a server.  There's a lot more to the story, but I'm going to fast forward a bit.  Through some mystical force, Lauren and Paul found themselves connected to me, once again, in 2013.  (Not really a "mystical force."  Lauren has a sister whom I also met at Ruby's, and who had hired me to take some infant photos prior to). 


By 2013, much had changed.  I was running my own photography business.  These two had found themselves engaged to be married.  (Eeeek!)  So this is where I come in!!  Two-thousand thirteen proved to be a good year!  It brought beautiful engagement and wedding photos of Paul and Lauren (in July and November, respectively).  


But let's fast forward to the present (March 2017).  These two are expecting Levi in early April, and I couldn't be more thrilled for them!  Below is a sampling of "a-day-in-the-life" with Paul & Lauren -- pets and all!  This is real life!  And Levi is about to enter into a pretty cool family.  As a couple, they exude love!  And the love they also share with their pets will just be an extension of what's in store for Levi!  See for yourselves!










Loving the photo on the right!  How the light kisses on Lauren's silhouette, and with the crib in the background.  




Enter two of the three fur-babies:  Hazel (greyhound) and Quinn (fat cat).








Third fur-baby:  Kobey (italian greyhound -- family veteran for 10+ years).  The picture on the right is so ridiculously awesome!  I do not consider myself to be much of a "pet photographer."  But, seriously, there is so much emotion going on!!  












"Yes, I love my Mama!!"




"And please don't forget about me!"




To the right of the windowsill is "Todd", Paul's childhood bear (who also deserves a nod).




Even though Lauren was really just trying to smooth out Paul's hair, the moment reads so differently.  Love the tenderness, regardless.




Seriously!  Glowing Mama, or what?!  xoxo




And again!












Kobey, posing.




This "L" was signed by all of the people who were at Lauren's baby shower.  (And I told Paul to say something funny, to make Lauren laugh.  Success!)




O.M.G.  Nothing more needs to be said.








More pet love!  Can you imagine all of the love just waiting for Levi?! 








Bunny to the left was made by Paul's sister, Jonelle.  (I love homemade gifts, btw).  To the right is a closer view of Todd, Paul's childhood bear.




Levi doesn't know it just yet, but some day he's going to be a superhero! 




Ahhh, pregnancy.  The limitations it can sometimes set.  Swollen feet?  Check.  Not being able to put your own shoes on?  Check.Check.  Doting husband?  Check.Check.Check.




We had moved from indoors to outdoors, so I needed to change my camera settings.  These were shots taken as I was readjusting.  It looks as though husband might be wanting a snowball fight with pregnant wife.  Nah, that's not how it went down!!  There were some laughs, and then Paul threw the ball high up and to his right.  Away from camera lens (thank-you) and away from Lauren (double thank-you).   




In case the dead tree comes down in the future, you'll always have this memory.  (And the fact that your photographer liked its craggily branches).







Pregnancy can be sensual... just leave it to me!




Ummm... yes please!  P.S. They are hoping Levi gets his Mama's eyes.  Can you blame them? 




Paul is 6'4", and I'm telling you, every part of him loves his unborn son.  Even his legs that go on for miles!  




It's rare, indeed, to catch Paul looking straight into the lens!  But this is a perfectly unscripted expression.  





This moment cracks me up because, as the saying would go, "baby steps."  A glimpse into Paul's humor.... he has Lauren's hands and says "Mommy steps."  Perfect place to end the blog....





But not without Quinn's (fat cat) close-up.



The End


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Baby Justin http://eyeswideshutterphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/1/baby-justin

offerings in color and b&w


Meet Justin

This little fella is clearly going to have his own agenda!  He arrived (slightly) earlier than his parents were expecting.  And the lesson in that is this:  parenting requires humor!  Because it would be so easy to cry over the best laid plans that eluded you.  The nights where the only one who sleeps is no one.  The fussy, inconsolable moments.  Ahhh, I could go on and on, but parenting is a cool "full circle" lifetime commitment.  Who cares about the spit-up... it washes.  And who cares if an infant isn't content for his/her photo session!  Welcome to parenthood!

You still love endlessly because it's real.  It's real life!  And no, it's not always glamorous!  I promise my clients "real time, real moments,"  and that's where I deliver!  The sky was "moody" so I told Nick & Kristen that they would end up with "moody" images because of the lighting (or lack there of).  There were times where Justin was fussing, so I documented right through it.  I don't mind perfectly imperfect moments.       

Did I say that parenting requires humor?  Well yes, yes it does!  But I bet the both of you never knew love at first sight until you met beautiful, baby Justin!  He has made every moment, since, so worth it :)

Congratulations on this new life you have both created.  Enjoy him!

Oh, and P.S., that mural on the nursery wall?  Both of you deserve a "punch-bug turquoise, no punch back!!" lol    





Love the wall of books behind them!  It's the very best pastime you can expose to a child!  





Love this!  Studying Mommy!




It's fun to imagine what he sees, and how he's processing it!




Justin & Daddy's hand




Well, hello! 


Backstory:  This was a moment where they were trying, intently, to console Justin.  They were using some sort of "white noise" (sound of a hairdryer) on the phone.  They even tried hiding it underneath the blankets (so that it wouldn't be visible in the image).  Clearly this tells a much more effective story.  It keeps the reader guessing as to what the significance of the phone is (which, now you know).  As you can see... that did the trick!!  He calmed.


Gotta study Daddy, too!








So these are some of the moments where the session took a pause (except for when I actually didn't pause the camera).  Sometimes, you just gotta cry it out!


He found his thumb, so all was right in his world again!  



What a little Love-Bug!  (another nice VW nod, right there).

The End

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Pregnancy/Infant Lifestyle http://eyeswideshutterphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/12/pregnancy/infant-lifestyle  



Hi there!  Below are some samplings of what a Pregnancy/Infant Lifestyle session could look like.  Though these are two separate sessions, my signature style remains the same!  And for those of you who are wondering..."Lifestyle" refers to the art in everyday life, which tells a story.  And that is what I am fabulous at... telling your story with an artistic intent. 

I am a lover of connection, laughter, intimacy.... life!  To learn more about investment and how to book your session, please message me at info@eyeswideshutter.com




Pregnancy Lifestyle



















Infant Lifestyle



















The End



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Infant :: Lake Elizabeth http://eyeswideshutterphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/11/infant-lake-elizabeth

Lake Elizabeth


I love working with brand new families!  There's just something about the joy and uncertainty that radiates from a couple who is about to embark on a new journey.  A road that has yet to be travelled.  Parenthood!  

You can spend a lifetime with your partner (just like this couple has, who have literally been together since high school), or you can have been together for mere months.  Either way, nothing, and I mean NOTHING, will prepare you for this ride.  It might sometimes feel like driving a car blindfolded.  But in the end, love will be your driving force.  The unending love for the brand new life, and the love that will continue to deepen (and sometimes be challenged) as a couple.  

I was beyond thrilled to spend an afternoon with Nate and Jackie, and their brand new baby, Lake Elizabeth.  One of the coolest parts of this session is that it was a gift given to them by Jackie's co-workers.  If you are the type of person to give a deep, meaningful gift... an Infant Photo Session might eclipse that list -- unless, of course, you are a creative who can sew, knit, crochet, etc.  ;)

To Nate and Jackie, enjoy her!  She is pure perfection!  xoxo 



Hands!  I love hands in my photographs.  A hand can tell a story just by its touch.  They can also be used as measurement.  A baby's foot won't always fit in the palm of your hand. 









(left photo) Baby holding Mama's hand.  (right photo).  Baby's hair swirl, in addition to the juxtaposition of head to hand.















Toe kisses!!



(right photo) Happy Dreams
























Hands again!  Always remember that, before a child(ren), it was once just the two of you.



(right photo)  Jackie made this blanket especially for Lake.  Twisted like a mermaid :)






And more hands!  






The End

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Erin & Eric + a Splash of Fall Colors = Beautiful Private Ceremony http://eyeswideshutterphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/11/eric-erin-a-splash-of-fall-colors-beautiful-private-ceremony

Erin & Eric + a Splash of Fall Colors = Beautiful Private Ceremony



This ceremony took place on Erin's parents' private property.  It was a little piece of heaven, and only immediate family were in attendance.  I had the good fortune of being able to capture this lovely affair (as I have taken photos of the groom's family in the past).  A little bit of rain came through -- which is a sign of Good Luck!  But this couple doesn't need "luck," as they are madly in love!  


The images are undeniable.  Enjoy your Happily Ever After!  xoxo





























































































































































































































The End

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Family Fun http://eyeswideshutterphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/11/family-fun This session was taken at Hudson Crossing Park, located at Lock 5 in Schuylerville, NY.  


This was an awesome tandem session!  Two young adult siblings, along with their own families, joined in to create some fun moments for their parents.  This will be a great surprise just in time for the holidays!  (So if you recognize anyone in the images... Shhhh! -- it's a secret until Christmastime).  


Thank you for allowing me to create some photographic magic.  Enjoy! 































































































































































The End

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A Family That Plays Together, Stays Together http://eyeswideshutterphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/11/a-family-that-plays-together-stays-together



I am addicted to the written word!  And for anyone who knows me personally, I can be equally chatty.  But when it comes to my blog, I oftentimes sit staring at the blinking cursor as all of the things I want to say escape my mind.  But this time I am going to use this blank canvas to my advantage.  

I will start off with this powerful quote by Diane Arbus:  "A photograph is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know."  I feel very strongly about this saying.  I think it personifies my work.  I try to create evocative imagery.  In the times that you do not "feel" something when you look at my images, are the times that I have failed my clients.      

I am not a "poser" or a "prop-user" or a "frilly" type of photographer.  I am raw.  I am intuition.  I am fire!  My images are windows, little glimpses, of real life.  And when allowed creative freedom, these are the images I can create.  They tell little stories.  They are little secrets that only the clients themselves know.  It's their moments.  And it's okay for observers to feel joy, or sadness even, when looking at other people's moments.  Because I am ever in tuned to emotion (whether happy or sad).  And that's what I preserve.  

This family totally gets my point of view.  They trust in my vision.  And the cool thing is, they hire me along with another fellow photographer, depending on the type of images they are looking for.  They are "for life" clients.  I have had the pleasure of working with them since Rylee (oldest) entered the scene as an infant.  And I will continue to have the good fortune of watching them grow up!  How fun :)


As you scroll through, I will make comments along the way.  I'll let you in on some of the secrets ;)





Running and falling!










Though you don't know what the family is looking at, the expressions on their faces say just enough.  Perhaps you could guess waterfowl by the background of the colored pics (water in the top left).    It's not about the ducks.  It's about the joy and wonder on Beckett's face.










More ducks!  If only I could borrow the eyes of a child, if only for a moment.  It's literally awesome to absorb the world through "seeing and doing."






















These are the moments that I would want preserved.  When Beckett is all grown up, she's going to know (through this image) the life and love her mother has for her.




Again, how fun!








An exchange of hands.  The sun grabbed Rylee's face just right.  She is a bright light, much like the sun!




How much can you love a daddy?!  THIS MUCH!!!




Beckett's hair clip was falling out.  Though Jennifer tried fixing it, Beckett would have none of that!  So she walked along, doing it herself :)




I have no idea what was even being said.  But I love everything about this moment.




Be still!  One of my favorites.  Offerings in color and in b&w.










Oh. My. Wonderful.




Any daddy who will be a jungle gym for their child gets an automatic gold star.  I know how important this moment is because my daughter is almost 9, and she still climbs all over her daddy!  




This is an "I'm done" moment.  She cried into her bear.  One of my favorites of the day.  Or maybe ever, even.







Dreamy lighting!




















Admit it!  You did this as a kid.  And these images do not deny you of how fun it once was!












Gosh, I love that shot of Beckett walking away.






No one's looking, and no one has to be.  This isn't a perfectly contrived moment, it's a real moment!
















Jennifer's infectious laugh draws you in, but look closely at Beckett.  Her eyebrows are up, cheeks slightly raised up (with the hint of a smile).  Clearly, she gets the joke too! ;)









Sometimes you have to abandon an idea.  I originally wanted the two girls sitting nicely on the stones, smiling into the lens.  Of course that didn't happen.  But I like this better instead.  (I was singing the Bubble Guppies theme song just to get Beckett to look lol).








Sometimes it's not about the kids.  After all, before kids, it was just the two of you.  And it's important to stay friends and play (hard) along the way <3




The End

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Kate & Sam http://eyeswideshutterphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/10/kate-sam

Katie & Sam had a glorious Wedding Day!  Here's to the celebration of their forever!

(In case you may have missed their Engagement Session, mosey on over here.)




















































































































































































The End


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Chloe & Henry http://eyeswideshutterphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/9/chloe-henry

I have known these kiddos since infancy.  See, their Mama and I have been friends for 32 years.  Yes, you heard me right -- THIRTY-TWO years!  It goes without saying that this family is a part of my own heart.  I am just so glad that I get to share my talent with my bestie :)



























































































The End

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TJ, Aimee and Carter http://eyeswideshutterphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/9/tj-aimee-and-carter  

Ahhh, "golden hour"... my favorite time of evening to photograph a session.  

Some Summer fun with TJ, Aimee & Carter <3 















































And some "end of the evening" snuggles!

The End




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Sam & Kate http://eyeswideshutterphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/9/sam-kate Sam & Kate

A beautiful Summer evening for an Engagement Sesh!  







































































The End



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