Eyes Wide Shutter Photography | Senior 2018 :: Sophia & Isabella

Senior 2018 :: Sophia & Isabella

October 27, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

                                                                                        Meet Graduating Twins Isabella & Sophia 


The last time I photographed twins was back in the Summer of 2011 of my nephews.  But they did not have a combined session like these girls!  It was so inspiring to be able to document such a close sisterhood!  


I will begin this entry by a quote that I love:  "If you want to know what someone fears losing, watch what they photograph." ~Author Unknown

Through the years, my reasoning behind my photography has evolved.  I am drawn toward life, love and fluidity in an image.  And that's why you'll see not just a "static portrait," but actual movement.  And as powerful as eye contact can be in an image, I am really beginning to love the nuances of each individual, especially in the absence of their eye contact.  

Laughter, a downward glance, a pensive stare.  Each image I make is a representation of my connection with each subject, as well as a little piece of myself.  Life and love are central themes in my imagery, and boy, did these girls bring it!  Whether the introvert or the extrovert, I think I was able to capture the life, light and love that resides in these two girls' hearts!  And perhaps that is a fear of mine, to continue forward in my own life without love, without movement (of body and spirit).   

I saved the best image for last... see for yourselves!  

Blaze your own trails, Bella & Soph!  xoxo   






































































































Saving the best for last.  One of my favorite photos of the day!  

The End